Welcome To Our Spaceship!!!

Come Fly With Us….

Taking you to where only your imagination can, The Sonic Portal is a one of kind UFO themed soundscape experience. Our Sonic Sculptors utilize an engineered sound chamber housing a collection of nickel-silver planetary gongs directed inward on our audience producing a remarkable one of a kind auditory encounter. Performing around you 360 degrees our Sonic Sculptors play light sequences creating a unique soundscape immersing you in a blanket of powerful vibrational frequencies. These vibrations dance throughout your body giving you an extraordinary sensory experience not only heard but felt. This sound immersion magically takes you away from the chaotic modern environment and brings you back. There by creating the illusion of transport giving life to our spaceship metaphor! Come fly with us, we are the vacation from your vacation.

 These are just our words and really words can’t truly convey the experience- you have to feel it to fully understand it! To sample what people who enjoy our entertainment have to say, please check out our testimonial video below.



The Sonic Portal Mission

Our mission is to is to unlock what lies inside of you and shake it free with a voyage to inner & outer space and everywhere in-between. From the depths of your imagination to the edge of your awareness our goal is to provide a non verbal lesson in the moment while giving you an experience you never dreamed possible.


We invite you to explore this site to gain a better understanding of our entertainment.  There are many ways to tailor relaxSonic’s unique performances to your special day with our “event environment enhancement” options. We welcome you to link into our social networks where you can learn more about special offers while staying up to speed on our activities as well as giving you an outlet to interact with the performers and other fans. Fill out a volunteer form and join one of our regional teams and help the Sonic Portal crew spread some positive vibes! If you have been gonged you can raise our Sonic Portal GONG Talley by joining our E-mail list keeping you on the radar as to when we will be landing the portal in your area! Feel free to leave a testimonial and share your experiences with our performers and other participants.


Do you have a great idea or a question? Please don’t  hesitate to email us or leave a message on the relaxSonic hotline. We have been steadily climbing in popularity with the support of our fans and we want to know what’s on your mind. We welcome your thoughts and look forward to making your day or event a spectacular one.


With best regards and peaceful vibrations,

The Sonic Portal Crew